ed ludbrook: leadership expert, motivational teacher, futurist

About Edward Ludbrook

The Network Coach


’I am more excited about the future of the Network Marketing industry today than I have ever been due to the Leadership Revolution sweeping the industry. ’

Ed Ludbrook is the creator of 100% Leadership Mastery and is considered a world authority on Network Leadership. He is a multi-million selling author in 20 languages whose growth strategies have produced more than $1billion in new sales. His client list is an industry’s Who’s Who from ’Avon to Zepter’.

Ed Ludbrook has unique experience of the industry from Top Leader to company executive and top consultant in over 35 countries of the world. He has had unique coaching working closely with organizations over sustained periods of time.

In the 1990s Ed realized that the industry would have to evolve from its ’Pioneer MLM’ network building method to ever reach its full potential. This ’Pioneer’ methodology was right to establish companies and the industry yet produces attrition rates that guarantee unsustainable growth.

It has taken over 17 years to develop the 100% Success Method of network building based on competence programmes and learning modules. Systems based on this method are dramatically more successful that those using the old Pioneer MLM Method.

Ed speaks at conferences and leadership retreats across the world on how to build new leaders and his new vision of the industry called the Fantastic Future of Network Marketing.


Ed Ludbrook’s Background