ed ludbrook: leadership expert, motivational teacher, futurist

Further Experience

Whilst Ed focuses on educating Direct Sales leadership now, a major reason why he is considered so effective is his uniquely wide experience in all areas concerning Direct Sales.

Field Experience

In June 1989 in London, Ed joined the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry as a distributor. He has been in two companies, achieved little in his first company and the top position in the second. He left the field in this company to become the Marketing Director. He has not become a distributor since to maintain his independence.

For 15 years Ed has been working in the field as a specialised business development consultant gaining unique experience that traditional trainers, consultant and, in fact, leaders receive. Experience beyond theory or a specialised experience a person would get working in one company.

Corporate Experience

Ed has been a Main Board Director of four Direct Sales companies, including the Chairman of two listed companies. These companies traded in 25 countries with Ed’s specialist areas being strategy and network development. He led the public listing of two companies in the UK; Telecom plus PLC and AquaSource Algae PLC. He was one of the two founders of Telecom Plus PLC. He does not hold any directorships currently to maintain his independence.

Training/eLearning Expert

Ed was professionally educated Training & Development in the Army. He has advised more than 50 Direct Sales organisations on the design, implementation and measurement of the training systems. He has been heavily involved in delivering elearning programmes recently and he sees elearning as the most important innovation to Direct Sales since the MLM plan in 1949.

Consultancy Experience

From 1992, Ed has provided strategic organisational advice to over 50 Direct Sales organisations who have created over $1billion of new sales on his strategies. Key subjects were creating new growth, designing Network Systems, Training Systems and International Expansion.

Government advice

From 1992-94, Ed ran the Network Marketing Association Europe which had evolved from the MLMIA Europe. In this time, he provided guidance to the UK government on the effectiveness of legislation, especially in determining pyramid or unethical businesses. He educated the Advertising Standards Authority personnel and Trading Standards Officers


In the mid 1990s, Ed created considerable media in the UK from The Telegraph to Business Age magazine, then the UK’s leading business magazine. He had his own column in the business pages of London’s Evening Standard newspaper for two years which is still the highest profile Direct Sales specific journalistic position in the world. He has been interviewed by many journalists about this industry. He has written articles and been features in industry magazines across the world from Germany to USA’s Success Magazine.