ed ludbrook: leadership expert, motivational teacher, futurist

Executive Development Workshop

A three day workshop for Company Executives and Top Leaders designed to provide a clear understanding of Leadership Development within a Direct Sales/Network Marketing environment.

Leaders are the most important asset of any network because they drive growth and build strength. Thus finding, developing and retaining leaders is the most important task of strategic leaders.

This area covers every aspect of a network from training programmes, incentives, leadership councils, network system design to performance measurement and crisis management.

The Problem
Few executives or top leaders have been educated in the basic principles and strategies required to develop leaders. They learn on the job and sadly, normally have incomplete knowledge and many incorrect opinions.

The Result
Nearly all network systems have basic weaknesses in their leadership creating low productivity, activity and retention. The cost of these weaknesses is immeasurable and accounts for the greatest losses and missed opportunities.

The Solution
This three day Executive Development Workshop will go beyond explaining the principles and into actually designing your leadership development programmes and momentum growth systems.

Target Audience
All strategic leaders within a Network. These are Executives with network development responsibilities and Top Leaders with Network System responsibilities.

Workshop Leader
Ed Ludbrook will personally run this workshop. For 15 years, he has advised strategic leaders on developing their organisations, operating in many parts of the world. There is unlikely to be a scenario or situation he has not heard of and advised on.

Return on Investment
Just one better decision will pay for this course. That is how important strategic understanding is!