ed ludbrook: leadership expert, motivational teacher, futurist

Strategic Leadership Workshop

A new ONE DAY workshop for Company Executives and Top Leaders designed to provide the basics of Strategic Network Leadership.

The Problem
Few executives or top leaders have been educated in the basic principles of Strategic Leadership of a Network. They make tactical decisions on many aspects of the business without fully understanding all of the strategic issues.

The Result
Easily avoidable mistakes, system weaknesses, ineffective incentives, slow growth, weak unmotivated team leaders, high failure rates, poor performance and much more.

Target audience
All strategic leaders within a Network. These are Executives with network development responsibilities and Top Leaders with Network System responsibilities.

Workshop Leader
Ed Ludbrook will personally run this workshop. For 15 years, he has advised strategic leaders on developing their organisations operating in many parts of the world. There is unlikely to be a scenario or situation he has not heard of and advised on.

Return on Investment
Just one better decision will pay for this course. That is how important strategic understanding is!