ed ludbrook: leadership expert, motivational teacher, futurist

Welcome Leadership Seminar

Leadership is the most rewarding role in society yet most people do not believe that they can be an effective leader. They do not know what to do or have incorrect beliefs about themselves as a potential leader. This means they avoid learning or doing the job as a leader.

The business or networking opportunity in Direct Sales / Network Marketing is totally based on leadership. It is a Leadership Franchise and everyone can learn how to succeed to the Team Leader position. They just need to know how and have the confidence to take action.

As legendary success author Napoleon Hill said ‘What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve’ Confidence comes from understanding [conceive] and belief that you can do the job. The Welcome Leadership Seminar is a simple inspiring seminar explaining Leadership within Network Marketing in a way that everyone can believe they can achieve.

Everyone wanting to achieve the status of Team Leader should attend this event so they know they can become a leader in this business.