ed ludbrook: leadership expert, motivational teacher, futurist

Ed Ludbrook

Keynote Speaksrs

Ed Ludbrook is Europe’s leading Network Marketing/Direct Sales keynote speaker with over 2 million books and audios in 20 languages.

Satisfied audiences from

ACN, Cabouchon, DKFL, Excel, FLP, GNLD, Herbalife, Kleeneze, Lifestyles, Mannatech, Natures Own, Network 21, Neways, New Image, NSA, NuSkin, Nutri-Metics, Oriflame, Pro-Ma, Reliv, Shine, Telecom plus, USANA and 30 other companies.

For Conference, Convention or Rally

Ed’s most requested speech is a motivational speech now called ‘100% Confidence – why Network Marketing is starting to boom again’! As Network Marketing’s Futurist, Ed’s unique speech details THE FACTS why Network Marketing has entered a new Growth stage and proves to the delegates that they are in the ‘Right Place at the Right Time’. It is based on his million-selling book that is the best-selling book on the industry.

Ed’s new version of his classic speech reveals what he calls the Intrapreneur Revolution that will change this industry forever and audiences love it. Leaders who have heard Ed before claim it is the most exciting message that they have heard in years!

It is SO much more than a motivational speech which is why it is considered the highest IMPACT keynote speech in the industry. It builds the confidence that lasts long after the audience stops applauding. It helps them sponsor. It helps them take MASSIVE ACTION and impact people for weeks and months afterwards. Contact his office today.

Leadership Conference

Hire the world’s Network Leadership expert to ensure that your conference delivers what you hope. Ed speaks on a range of leadership issues and prefers to adapt his speech for the specific challenges of the leaders in the organisation. Past speech titles have been ‘Building Confidence’, ‘How everyone can succeed’ and ‘Creating Momentum Now’.


"His knowledge of the Network Marketing industry has certainly earned my respect of him - Ed is one of the few people who can present network marketing in its purest form. He is one of the best speakers that I have ever heard and is well respected through FLP"
Dusty Green, European Managing Director, Forever Living Products.

"Many thanks for the sensational input to our National Seminar. Each and every one of the delegates loved it. Mission accomplished! Well done! "
Andy Goodwin, Managing Director, Nutri-Metics

"You were great! "
Trevor and Jackie Lowe. Double Diamond Amway. Network 21.

"It's really helpful to have someone as knowledgeable and inspirational to portray the bigger picture. You have great influence as a generic trainer, I've listened to many trainers, Ed and you're as good, if not better, than them all. "
Simon Brooks, Worldwide No1 leader, Lifestyles.