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Ed Ludbrook's Background


Edward was born in Hastings, UK and grew up in New Zealand. He attended Kings College then the Royal Military College, Duntroon, Australia where obtained a BA [Mil].

From 1983 to 1987, Edward served as an officer in the NZ Army Engineers leading teams in Antarctica, Fiji and the Ready Reaction Force. He moved to London where from 1987-1992, he worked in investment banking and strategic consulting.

Since 1989, he has been involved in many hyper-growth business opportunities. He led the UK public listings of AquaSource and Telecom Plus. He took New Image Group from collapse to double NZTE Biotech Export Winner in three years. He is New Zealand's best-selling business author.

Edward's main business has been in the Network Marketing or MLM sector of Direct Sales industry. His specialist areas are leadership development, learning systems and network development strategy. He is Europe's leading speaker and trainer with more than 2 million books and audios sold in 20 languages. Interestingly, he is the only international expert who is not an American.

Network Marketing

In June 1989, Edward joined the Direct Sales / Network Marketing industry as a distributor. He failed in his first company and reached the top position in his next company. In 1992, he joined MLM International then Europe's leading MLM training company in a management role. In 1993, they expanded into personal development including bringing leading American motivational speaker Tony Robbins to Europe.

100% Confidence

In 1992, Network Marketing [or MLM as it was known] had a very poor public perception and government regulatory pressure. Edward led the trade industry association MLMIA Europe from 1992-94 where he educated the government about the effectiveness of regulations on the industry and pyramid schemes. He also educated many other non-governmental organisations and media. His media work led to widespread positive coverage and he wrote a column in the business pages of London's Evening Standard newspaper 1995-96.

In 1996, the UK's leading business magazine profiled Edward as the 'doyen of Network Marketing'. Using his strategic consultancy training and global contacts, Edward conducted the world's first strategic analysis of the Network Marketing industry in 1993 to support the industry education programme. From this developed a 'Big Picture' conference speech that formed the basis of his conference speaking career. By 1997, Edward was the leading industry conference speaker in Europe. His Big Picture book and audio sold over 1 million copies in 20 languages.

In 2006, Edward published his update of the Big Picture called The Shakeout claiming that Network Marketing had entered a new growth stage in its lifecycle and would grow bigger and faster than before. Successful companies would be based on a customer focus and competence based learning systems. As a Network Development consultant, he has advised more than 50 companies in Europe and Asia who have created more than $1bil in new sales.

100% Success

Since 1994, Edward has stated that Network Marketing's greatest problem is its failure rate. He claims the solution was competence based network learning systems. By focusing new people on becoming competent rather than producing results, everyone could succeed, i.e. 100% Success. The original competence strategy was produced in his best-selling book the Fundamentals of Network Marketing book [1998], the Network Coach [2003] and TidalWave! [2004], this was updated in 2007 with 100% Success Basics. His Coaching book was updated in 2008 with 100% Success Coach. Five companies employed competence based learning systems and they have all produced industry leading results. In 2007, Edward believed that the Network Marketing industry was finally ready to listen to an alternative approach to Network Development as most network leaders were sick of the extreme failure rate due to the focus on recruiting and motivation [to recruit]. Rising government action concerned many leaders and companies. In 2008, Edward founded the 100% Success Institute to provide competence based Network Learning Systems.

Since 1994, Edward has claimed that leadership development was flawed as it was based on pin level achievement and personal development, rather than competence and traditional leadership principles. Edward has been implementing leadership development systems into networks working in more than 50 companies and 30 countries.


Edward is working to create the world's leading network marketing blog, eletter and video diary as he finds this is the easiest way to communicate to the world from New Zealand.


Ed Ludbrook lives in Auckland New Zealand with Vicky Barker and four young children. He travels extensively internationally. He is an avid rugby fan, rosè drinker and supporter of the anxiety disorder charity, The Phobic Trust. He is passionate about his brother's charitable work for Tuvalu and climate change.